Single Cut Kit Guitars

Ed Roman Has Decided To Offer The Largest Selection Of Guitar Kits In The World

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The Headstock On The Above Kit We Shaped Into One Possible Legal Style

The Headstock, As It Comes, Is Paddle Shaped.
You Can Reshape It Or We Can Custom Shape Your Headstock For $49.00

Please note: Photo includes upgrades that are not included in standard kit. These upgrades are available for additional purchase.



1 Maple Top Basswood body, Pre Drilled & Routed (Custom Routing Available Body & Neck)
1 Neck , 24 3/4" Scale 24 Fret, Pre Fretted, Pre Drilled Bolt in or Glue In.   
6 Tuning Keys, including all Screws, Ferrules & Grommets . Chrome
2 (Optional) Seymour Duncan 59' Humbucker Pickups   (Choice Of Color)
2 Rear Cavity Plates
1 Tuna-Matic Bridge 
1 Tuna Matic Tailpiece.
1 Optional Tone Pros Or Ghost System. Bridge
1 Wiring Harness Pre Soldered 2 Pots & Toggle Switch
1 Truss Rod Cover
1 Toggle Switch Surround
1 Jackplate
1 Neckplate & 4 Stainless Steel Screws
4 Speed knobs, 
2 Pickup Rings with Springs
14 Screws for Backplate, Trussrod Cover, Jackplate, Pickup Rings etc

Singlecut Kits Are Available In All Price Ranges
$169.00 To $1,499.00

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Quilt Top Version -  Inquire as to prices and availability

The body above is Quilted & Routed for 3 pickups 
You Can Get Bolt In Models Or Set Neck Model

Upgrade Options For Kit Guitar
None Are Absolutely Necessary

Seymour Duncan Most Models $69.00 Extra
Seymour Duncan Black Back Pickup $125.00 Extra
EMG Pickups 85 or 81  USA Made $80.00 Extra
Tone Pros Bridge $60.00 Extra
Tone Pros Tailpiece $40.00 Extra
String Thru Body Tailpiece Kit Ferrules $36.00 Extra
Autotrim Locking Tuners $78.00
Custom Routing Or Carving If Needed  (Headstock Reshaping Etc Etc) $100.00



This Is The Most Flashy Of The Kits

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Is That A Killer Top Or What!?!

Take A Closer Look!


Triple EMG's & Tone Pros Bridge.

Very Nice Grain In The Neck & Back

Planet Waves Auto Trim Tuners

Ebony, Mother Of Pearl & Abalone

Solid Rosewood Neck




This Is The Highest Quality Kit

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Very Nice Flame Maple Top

Basswood Back & Neck

This Is A Stronger, Deeper, More Sturdy Way To Do A Neck On This Style Of Guitar. The Neck Can Either Be Set In Or (Recommended) Bolt In.


This Neck Joint Will Allow Direct Mounting Of

The Neck Pickup. This Is A Huge Improvement

 Over The Old Way Of Mounting Pickups

 In A Single Cut Guitar!

 You can convert the headstock to whatever you want !!!
Simply reshape the top above the holes.
You would be very surprised to see how easy it is to turn this into a more familiar shape.


The Best Way To Convert A Headstock

We do it all the time for people who want to convert their BC Rich or Kramer headstocks or their ESP headstocks. Some companies have come up with some real butt ugly headstocks.
Many People want a Widow Headstock on their Warlock, We can do that just call our Custom Shop
It's very easy to do yourself.
Start by filling the 6 holes with wooden dowels.  We can supply them for free (just ask)
Then glue a veneer of ebony or rosewood to the front and the back of the headstock.
Sand the edges, Reshape to desired style, then redrill for the tuning pegs.
This also makes your headstock much stronger than the original Gibson's & PRS headstocks.
We do this on all of the guitars we make except the ones that don't tilt back. That's why we offer unconditional warranties on our necks.